Dairy and Wine Industry Products


General Products

Name   Description
ZAP SUPER POWDER   Heavy duty caustic powder detergent for use in pasteurisers, CIP systems and bottlewashing (Does not contain chlorine).
CIRCO POWER                       Low foaming, chlorinated liquid detergent for cleaning CIP systems in dairy, brewing and food processing industries. Suitable for use in HACCP systems.
CIP ACID   Strong acid detergent and descaler. Can be used to remove milkstone, beerstone, winestone, scale buildup and other organic deposits. Suitable for use in HACCP systems.
CIP ALKALI   Non-foaming alkali detergent for use in factories and food processing plants as a CIP detergent. Suitable for use in HACCP systems.
PERACID   Colourless liquid containing peracetic acids for use in CIP systems as a rapid disinfectant. Suitable for use in HACCP systems.
KLOR F POWDER (BUCKET)   Foaming chlorinated powder detergent and disinfectant. Used in manual cleaning of bulk tanks, floors and hard surfaces. Suitable for use in HACCP systems.
DESCALER   Liquid acid descaler effective for acid rinse applications and routine removal of hard water scale.
ALKALI 4000   Heavy duty, caustic liquid detergent for use in CIP systems in factories and bottlewashing plants.


Name Description
UDDERWASH Used for cleaning udders prior to milking
IOFOAM Foaming iodine based detergent
KLEENRITE POWDER (BAG)    Heavy duty, caustic powder detergent (Does not contain chlorine)

Additional Products

Detergent / Disinfectants

No. Name Description
232    BACTECIDE-C     Chlorine detergent and disinfectant powder
274 QAC-DET Dual QAC detergent and disinfectant
288 KLORFOAM L Foaming liquid chlorine detergent and disinfectant

Disinfectants ONLY

No. Name Description
275    QAC-SAN    QAC disinfectant

Detergents ONLY

No. Name Description
67 ANZ DRAIN      Alkaline drain cleaner liquid
113     ANZ LDC Clear liquid detergent – Concentrate
123 ANZ OVEN Oven cleaner – Concentrate
195 ANZ 403 Multi-purpose water-based degreaser and detergent
270 NEUTRADET Neutral detergent – Concentrate
271 G.F.R. Grease and fat remover – Concentrate

Hand Care Products

No. Name Description
110     ANZ HS-BAC    Premium quality anti-bacteria handsoap – Concentrate
217 RAPID Hand rub liquid / sanitiser
229 BAC-OFF Antibac handsoap
230 PROTEKT Alcohol-based handrub


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