Engineering Industry Products


Degreasers (Solvent)

No. Name Description
21 ANZ BIG RED Solvent based degreaser – Non-emulsifying
33 ANZ CARB Decarboniser acid for engines – Concentrate
70-74 ANZ EMC (5 VARIATIONS)    Electrical motor cleaner
151 ANZ SOLV Solvent degreaser and engine cleaner – Emulsifies

Degreasers (Water-Based)

No. Name Description
78 ANZ P-WASH Multi-purpose water-based degreaser – Non-caustic
79 ANZ FCA Floor cleaner alkaline – Concentrate (Caustic)
81 ANZ 1-SHOT Heavy duty caustic detergent and degreaser
193 ANZ 261 Optimised, ultra-heavy duty water-based degreaser
205 ANZ 333 Intensive water-based alkaline degreaser
215 ANZ KLENZ-ALL Concentrated, multi-purpose detergent and degreaser
243    ANZ EC 10 Water-based engine cleaner
258 KWIKSOLVE Multi-purpose cleaner
260 SUPER POWER      Heavy duty, multi-degreaser and cleaner
513 GENSOLVE Mild duty, multi-purpose water-based degreaser

Powder Products

No.     Name Description
87   ERAZE Heavy duty degreaser / detergent – Non-caustic
88 ANZ GCP Grease cutter powder
150 ANZ SOAK (1/2/3)      Hot tank degreaser
160 ANZ APP All purpose powder (Foaming)
161 ANZ SUDS HF High foaming general purpose powder detergent

Acid-Based Products

No. Name Description
08 ALU GLO-S Aluminium acid cleaner concentrate and etcher
09 ALUCLEAN Aluminium acid cleaner
49 INDUSTRIAL DESCALER      Industrial acid descaler
66            ANZ D-RUST Acid-based deruster liquid
75         ANZ ETCH Acid etchant and cleaner for concrete – Concentrate
259 CONKLEEN Heavy duty acid-based cleaner
295     DEPHOS Specialised acid cleaner

General Purpose Products

No. Name   Description
01 ANZ 30-C                           General purpose cleaner, heavy duty – Concentrate (No perfume)
02 KLEENIT All purpose cleaner (No perfume)
03 ANZ 31-C General purpose cleaner, heavy duty – Concentrate (Lavender)
04 KLEENIT P All purpose cleaner (Red/Perfumed)
43 ANZ COOL 95        Anti-freeze / Coolant – SABS Specifications (95% actives)
44 ANTIFREEZE Anti-freeze
97 ANZ HC Handcleaner – Gel
98 ANZ HCG Superior handcleaner with grit – Non-paraffin
98b     TRUE BLUE Hand cleaner with grit – Non-paraffin
104 MUCK OFF    Hand cleaner with fine-grit – grit will not block drains
107 ANZ HS PINK Liquid hand soap – thick (not a hand cleaner)
112 ANZ HS PEARL Hand soap – pearl (Pink or clear)
119 MULTICLEAN Multi-purpose cleaner with degreasing properties
188 WASH AND SHINE Wash and wax (Straw)
189 W & W (PINK) Wash and wax (Pink) – Superior – Concentrate
213 ANZ 85 Amine detergent concentrate
245 GP ALKADET General purpose detergent
249 SHEEN Gel cleaner and rejuvenator for leather and vinyl (Perfume optional)

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