Hospitality, Hygiene and Laundry Industry Products


Acid-Based Products

No.    Name Description
39 ANZ CHOW Drain cleaner acid – Concentrate
49 INDUSTRIAL DESCALER    Industrial acid descaler
259 CONKLEEN Heavy duty acid-based cleaner

All Purpose Cleaners

No. Name Description
01 ANZ 30-C General purpose, heavy duty – Concentrate (No perfume)
02 KLEENIT All purpose cleaner – No perfume
03 ANZ 31-C General purpose, heavy duty – Concentrate (Lavender)
04 KLEENIT P All purpose cleaner – (Red/Cherry)
119    MULTICLEAN    Multi-purpose cleaner with degreasing properties
122 ANZ OBC Office block cleaner (perfumed)
241 MULTI-CID Citric detergent and deodouriser – Concentrate
245 GP ALKADET General purpose detergent

Bathroom Products

No. Name Description
30 ANZ BLOX Urinal blocks (blocks or tabs)
107 ANZ HS PINK Handsoap liquid – Thick (Not a handcleaner)
112 ANZ HS PEARL Handsoap liquid – Pearl (Pink or clear)
127 ANZ PINE GEL Concentrated pine gel detergent
128 JELLY DET All purpose jelly detergent
141 ANZ ROMA Air freshener liquid – Concentrate
142   AIRFRESH Air freshener liquid – Ready to use
163 ANZ TBC Household toilet bowl and urinal cleaner
210 SHAMPOO Shampoo
296 SHOWER GEL     Viscous liquid detergent used in showers

Disinfectants and Deoderisers

No. Name Description
31        ANZ BLUEY     Concentrated detergent and deodouriser – Lavender
134 KLEN Q50 Detergent / Deoderiser cleaner –  Floral or Cherry fragrance
238 MULTI-QAC QAC detergent / disinfectant – Based on 639 spec – Pine, Lavender or Floral
239 GERM-GO QAC disinfectant – Based on 636 spec, Pine, Lavender or Cherry

Floor Care Products

No. Name Description
57 ANZ DEWAX A Concentrated floor stripper – With ammonia
59 ANZ DEWAX B Concentrated floor stripper – No ammonia
89 ANZ GLO Liquid floor polish
90 ANZ GLO-M Floor polish – High solids
144     CARPET SHAMPOO     Carpet shampoo liquid
146 ANZ SEAL Floor sealer – Polimer
147 ANZ S & B Spray and buff liquid
213 ANZ 85 Amine detergent – Concentrate

Laundry Products

No. Name Description
25 BLEACH Household type bleach – 3.5% active
28 BLEACH POWDER Bleach powder
29 BLEACH COLOURS (POWDER)       Oxygenating bleach for colours
83-85 ANZ FS Fragranced fabric softener – Blossom (White), Lily (Blue), Cosy (Green)
114a ANZ LLD (CITRUS) Liquid laundry detergent – Citrus
155 SPOTTEX Household spotter for clothes
178 ANZ WP 501 Washing powder – Enzymes and low foam (Perfume optional)
181 ANZ WP 502 Washing powder – Oxygenated and low foam
182      ANZ WP AS Washing powder – Autosuds low foam
184 ANZ WP 704 Top quality, pleasantly fragranced washing powder
185 ANZ WP HF Washing powder – High foam

Powder Products

No. Name Description
06 ANZ ADP Auto dishwash powder for automatic dishwasher machines (Bucket)
69 ANZ DRAIN P Heavy duty drain cleaner (Bucket)
145 ANZ RUG-P Carpet cleaner
159 ANZ ST-POWDER    Stain remover powder concentrate for cutlery and crockery
160    ANZ APP All purpose powder (Foaming)
161 ANZ SUDS HF High foaming general purpose powder detergent
175 ANZ VM Scouring powder

General Products

No. Name Description
05 ANZ ADL Automatic dishwashing liquid for dishwashing machines
07 ANZ ARL Automatic dishwasher rinse liquid
18 BLACKDIP Creside detergent
36 ANZ C-FLUSH Cistern flush – detergent and deodouriser
50 ANZ DET 49 Household dishwashing liquid
51 DETEX Economy detergent with many uses
96 MR CLEAN Household hard surface cleaner
124 FATTEX Economy fat / oven cleaner
176         ANZ W & GC     Window and glass cleaner – Concentrate
287 POT BRITE Detergent paste for cleaning pots, pans, etc.


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